Pre-school Day: super furry animals

Pre-school Day at Life Science CentreThis post is guest written by Faye Curtis, Public Engagement Intern at Life.

An interesting mission as a new intern: design the next Pre-school Day activity!

I tried to approach it by thinking about the things that little people like most. One of the first things that came to mind was animals.… Read more

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60-second interview with… Andrew Smyth

Ahead of his upcoming live bakes at Maker Faire UK, Andrew answered some quick-fire questions about his engineering background and love of Maker events. Egg-timer at the ready!

1. You’re well known for baking, but can you please describe your day job?

As an aerospace engineer at Rolls-Royce in Derby, I help to develop the next generation of large jet engines.… Read more

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Positively Perfect Pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? The combination of comfort food base and easily customisable toppings makes them irresistible and helps maintain one of the few remaining links to the seasonal cycle of traditions and customs outside of Christmas and Easter.

Pancake Day is more properly called Shrove Tuesday. Shrove is the past tense of shrive, the action of being forgiven for one’s sins.… Read more

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Pre-school Day: Superheroes

Pre-school Day: SuperheroesEvery child is a superhero.

Think about the changes that their bodies experience in the first couple of years of life: They go from seeing fuzzy light and dark no further than a parent’s face, to understanding shapes and colours at a huge range of depths by the age of 6-8 months.… Read more

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Visiting Life this February half-term?

We’re expecting high visitor numbers during the half-term holiday, so we’ve put together some useful info for anyone planning a visit.

While we do everything we can to keep things moving, please be prepared to queue for certain activities and on arrival.

Science Centre opening times

Great news! We’re open an hour earlier each morning from Monday 20 – Friday 24 February.… Read more

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Building St. James’ Park – in LEGO®

This post was guest authored by Steve Mayes, a North Shields-based architectural photographer by trade and a LEGO® fanatic in his spare time. Steve’s LEGO® exhibition, North East LEGO® Landmarks, is at Life until 14 May 2017.

“What’s your starting point?” That’s the question I often get asked about my builds.
Read more

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Pre-school Day: light and dark

Sometimes we have profound reasons for our choices of pre-school day activities. Sometimes we choose things mainly for convenience. Sometimes we are inspired by what’s in front of us, or something we’ve heard about recently.

This pre-school day, my decision is no more profound than what popped into my head as I walked around the LEGO® exhibition.… Read more

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Put your New Year celebrations on hold, just for a second

Are you looking forward to seeing in the New Year? Well, you will have to wait a bit longer than you may have expected. A leap second will be added at midnight on 31 December 2016 to keep atomic clocks in sync with the Earth’s rotation.

Universal Coordinated Time is based on super-accurate atomic clocks and it is extremely regular.… Read more

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Cheers to Louis Pasteur!

As you eat another helping of the never-ending turkey which seems destined to last all the twelve days of Christmas and pop the cork on yet another bottle of plonk, remember Louis Pasteur who was born on 27 December 1822. His work on fermentation, spoilage, decay and disease laid the foundations for our modern understanding of microbiology…

Prior to Pasteur, people had strange ideas about what caused the fermentation of wine and beer.… Read more

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Book review: The Darkest Dark by Astronaut Chris Hadfield

This post is guest written by Life’s Education Officer, Liz Ferguson, with the help of her two children.

Having met Chris Hadfield earlier this year on his visit to Life I was excited to find he has recently written a book for children. The Darkest Dark is a story about a little boy (Chris) who doesn’t like the dark and is afraid to go to bed.Read more

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