Christmas card challenge

My Mum just called to let me know I’m in charge of entertaining the family once they’re all stuffed full of turkey on Christmas Day. There’s always charades, and my favourite, Trivial Pursuit (genus edition circa 1985). However, the fact I work here at Life raises expectations – and I wouldn’t want to disappoint – so I’ve got a whole host of seasonal science tricks and merry maths puzzles lined up, and I thought I’d share one with you.Read more

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All you need to know about skating at Life

Skating at Life Science CentreIt’s that time of year again! Ice skating returns to Times Square, just outside Life Science Centre, from Saturday 11 November 2017 – Sunday 18 February 2018.

We’ve pulled together some useful hints and tips to help you get the most out of your time on the ice, whether you’re a regular or if you’ve never skated before.Read more

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Scientific evidence is proving no match for emotionalism

Linda Conlon, Chief Executive of the International Centre for Life, took stock of the growing primacy of emotional resonance over fact during an address at the opening of the ASTC 2017 conference in San Jose, California, on Saturday 21 October.

Nearly 2,000 delegates from science centres around the world are attending the annual four-day conference.Read more

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Visiting Life this October half-term?

We are anticipating a busy October half-term, with lots of families visiting the Dino Jaws exhibition, so we’ve put together some useful info for anyone planning a visit.

While we do everything we can to keep things moving, please be prepared to queue for certain activities and on arrival.

Before you arrive. Read more

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Pre-school Day: Autumn

The nights draw in and the air takes on a chill, and leaves crunch beneath your feet on the pavement. Autumn has definitely arrived.

But autumn is beautiful, in all its many colours. The greens fade, the reds appear, and the oranges and yellows shine through.

Most leaves are normally green due to chlorophyll, which is a chemical needed for the plant to make its own food using energy from sunlight.… Read more

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Kaleidoscope: the science behind the demos

Our latest Science Theatre show, Kaleidoscope, is a little bit different. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that it is about observing the world closely and inspiring curiosity. We’ve packed it full of beautiful demonstrations, but might not have had time to answer all of your questions. This might be why you’re here!Read more

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Pre-school day: everybody walk the dinosaur

This post is guest written by Medhavi Kakkar, Public Engagement Intern at Life.

Dino Jaws at Life Science CentreImagine a dinosaur, any dinosaur. Yes, even Barney the dinosaur. Does the one you’ve imagined have a long tail?

Have you ever wondered what these tails were used for? Were they used for grasping objects like monkey tails?… Read more

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The problem with paper

Ask the staff on our exhibition for how we could help improve our impact on the environment and you always get one answer: “argh, paper!” We give out programmes to visitors, we print out colouring in sheets, we print notes out for meetings, we put on activities that use paper.

The problem is that no one values a piece of paper.… Read more

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Recycle, recycle…

The story at Life Science Centre is one littered (literally) with recycling success stories. Cardboard boxes are great. You receive your parcel in one, then you take off the useful bits to make it into a cardboard dinosaur in the Making Space, then you throw what’s left into a crate in the loading bay.Read more

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Light, bright and environmentally right

Ever been to Life Science Centre on a warm summer’s day? The western half of the building acts very much like a greenhouse. There’s a good reason for that – the building was designed so that plants could be grown in that part of the building, under enormous flexible plastic skylights.Read more

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