60 second interview with… Thomas Thwaites: GoatMan

Goat14-Thomas_Thwaites-photo-Tim_BowditchWe recently spoke to Thomas Thwaites: GoatMan. You can hear more from Thomas at Friday Night Life on 18 November – find out why he ended up in an Alpine goat farm, on four legs, with a prosthetic stomach strapped to his chest, eating grass…

Describe your current role:

Freelance speculative designer.

Worst job you’ve ever done?

Waiter. I was terrible.

Proudest work-related moment?

Seeing the Toaster Project (Thomas built a toaster from scratch, literally.) next to Stephenson’s Rocket in the Science Museum.

Biggest work-related mistake?

Getting too sucked in to the technical details – for me it can be displacement activity to avoid doing the actual difficult/social bits of a project.

Any wisdom you can share?

If you think it’s interesting, do it.

Three words to describe you.

Snotty. Smelly. Obtuse. (Those are from my girlfriend sitting next to me).

Tell us something about you that might come as a surprise to people who know you.

I’m kind of an introvert.

Thomas Thwaites’ GoatMan project was supported by Wellcome Trust.

Every Friday Night Life is slightly different but there are some things you can expect every time: a unique show in the planetarium (one of the most intimate and amazing spaces in the region) and at least one other activity you wouldn’t get to experience anywhere else – guaranteed! Visit our website to find out more and to book your tickets.

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