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Hi! I’m one of the Public Engagement Officers here at Life. I enjoy combining science with my background in theatre and love working on the shows we do at Life, as well as running Bright Club Newcastle.

A weapon for a more civilised time

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


With the increasing excitement surrounding the new film, (and boy, it might just be a doozy!) I thought I would address the most important point about Star Wars.

A quick poll of the office found that the first thing most people think of when hearing the words ‘star’ and ‘wars’ is lightsabers.… Read more

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What Came First, the Chickenosaurus or the Egg?

Imagine if dinosaurs walked among us. What if you could touch them, see them on the other side of an enclosure? What if…

Well you can. Chickens.

Having recently seen the superb Jurassic World I did a bit of digging into the science behind it all and it turns out chickens are dinosaurs.… Read more

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The Big Drop

‘Will it tumble?’

 ‘Will it spin?’

‘Will it fly?’

A sea of upturned faces, expectant and questioning. On the tables in front of them are a plethora of objects, bright colours, textures and shapes all jumbled together….

This Easter holiday’s workshop is The Big Drop. Out of the chaotic heap of paper and card emerge wondrous creations; a wing takes shape; a windmill tumbles; the canopy of a cupcake-parachute flutters in the air-conditioning breeze.… Read more

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The X Factor of Science Comes to Newcastle

FameLab NewcastleThe call is out and all through the land men and women are gathering their props, preparing their lines, and desperately trying to quiet the butterflies in their stomachs. Yes, FameLab is back.

Once again the international competition is scouring the globe for the best and brightest to take up the challenge.… Read more

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Some academics, a comedian and a musician walk into a bar…

Some academics, a comedian and a musician walk into a bar… No, this isn’t a joke, this is the standard line-up for Bright Club. If you’ve never heard of Bright Club you’re certainly missing out. This is a comedy night with a difference; researchers and academics take to the stage to reveal the comic goings on behind university doors.… Read more

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Last Christmas I was at home. My mother and I went on a gentle winter stroll through the woods near the house. Half way through the walk we came across a clearing at the centre of which was a large pile of sticks, looking like a bonfire piled around the base of a large pine tree.
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The Art of the Doodle

doodle pic

I love to doodle. I don’t really draw. Drawing is hard, but doodling….well doodling’s a doddle. I can doodle with the best. Stars appear on the tops of pages; my notebooks are full of patterns and scrawls. Important meetings combine with gardening, as vines wind their way over the paper, sprouting leaves and perhaps a monkey or two.… Read more

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