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I’m Elin, the Head of Public Engagement at Life which means I have a very varied day job. I get to work with scientist and toddlers, spreadsheets and sticky back plastic. What’s not to love.

When the Sky Goes Dark: 20 March 2015 Solar Eclipse

On 20 March 2015 the sky will grow a little darker. I’m not talking the darkness of the Toon Flood of 2012, but think back, if you can remember that far, to the solar eclipse of 1999. The moon passed between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow path of totality some 100 miles wide.… Read more

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Stem Cells Explained

Some pretty amazing and cutting edge scientific work goes on behind the walls of the International Centre for Life, but that’s not always visible to the public. We’re not just an ice rink or a place for school trips and somewhere to go on a rainy Bank Holiday. In labs and offices around Times Square we host biotechnology companies, a fertility clinic, and biomedical research and services.… Read more

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