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I'm Life’s Science Communication Director, so I look after the exhibitions, public programmes and education. If it’s at Life and it’s about science, I'm responsible for it.

Homo Naledi: A New Species of Human Discovered

This week, I find myself eyeing the platforms alongside Life’s main walkway where our collection of hominin reconstructions stand, and wondering whether I ought to clear a space for a new addition among humanity’s ancient relatives. There’s been interesting news from South Africa that an amazing fossil find has apparently added another member to the family.Read more

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The Science of Game of Thrones: Preview

Now we’re past the solar eclipse, clearly the most important event of 2015 is the start of Game of Thrones Season 5, which finally reaches our screens in April. To mark the occasion, Life has teamed up with our friend, comedian Helen Keen, to explore the science of Thrones in a specially commissioned show.… Read more

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