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Hello! I'm Marketing Assistant at Life. I particularly enjoy making terrible science puns. Never trust an atom, they make up everything.

What’s behind the TARDIS doors? Explore our education department with Google Business View

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the double doors at the back of the Young Explorers’ Zone?

The answer is our education department, which is accessed via a very distinctive set of doors! Inside the TARDIS we provide over 40,000 educational experiences to school students every year, giving access to equipment and expertise that is not normally available in schools.… Read more

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60 Second Interview with Fran Scott, Science and Engineering Presenter

Fran Scott - Presenter of Life's 2015 Schools' Christmas Lecture #Error404 - Bytes with a Bang

Fran is a science and engineering presenter who loves designing high-impact demonstrations to prove her scientific point.

Tell us who you are:
For those of you who aren’t nine years old (and so haven’t seen me on the TV); I’m Fran Scott, a flame-thrower wielding, fun-loving, hard-working slight pyromaniac who loves showing science in novel, and yet still accurate, ways.
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