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Read on to see some of our amazing demonstrations – some used in our Science Theatre shows and in the Experiment Zone too!

Christmas card challenge

My Mum just called to let me know I’m in charge of entertaining the family once they’re all stuffed full of turkey on Christmas Day. There’s always charades, and my favourite, Trivial Pursuit (genus edition circa 1985). However, the fact I work here at Life raises expectations – and I wouldn’t want to disappoint – so I’ve got a whole host of seasonal science tricks and merry maths puzzles lined up, and I thought I’d share one with you.Read more

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Kaleidoscope: the science behind the demos

Our latest Science Theatre show, Kaleidoscope, is a little bit different. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that it is about observing the world closely and inspiring curiosity. We’ve packed it full of beautiful demonstrations, but might not have had time to answer all of your questions. This might be why you’re here!Read more

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Experiment Zone at Home: Extracting DNA

Experiment Zone, Life Science Centre

Our Experiment Zone is all about experiencing what it’s like to be a laboratory scientist – being in a lab, using real chemicals and donning a white lab coat. But science often happens outside the lab too. It could be in a field, an office, or even at home! We’re going to run through one of our favourite experiments and tell you how to carry it out safely at home.Read more

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Do Try This At Home (2)

Do try This at Home 2We love making stuff, testing and trying stuff out. If you love to do the same, here’s how to do the things in our Do Try This At Home (2) show.



‘Disappearing’ water

Get a (clean!) disposable nappy and cut a square of the absorbent bit. Stick it to the bottom of a cup.… Read more

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From shrinking violet to science centre stage

10 years ago, if anyone had told me that I would be presenting back to back live science theatre shows in front of audiences of over 80 people on stage then I would have eaten my socks. Believe it or not, but I used to be the most bashful human being alive with every school report mentioning how I was ridiculously shy and quiet.… Read more

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A demo, delivered.

If you happen to have a plasma globe and a fluorescent lightbulb to hand there’s a beautiful and surprising demonstration where you hold the bulb at one end, move the other end towards the globe and the bulb lights up. It’s like having a light sabre in your hand. It’s amazing, but something always niggled with me.… Read more

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The curious skull of the Parasaurolophus

The Natural History Museum’s dinosaurs are here and we’re busy with dino fans young and old. Alongside the exhibition our theatre show eplores what we know about dinosaurs and how we know what we (think we) know about dinosaurs.

Researching the show was a good opportunity to delve into some dinosaur facts.… Read more

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A bright spark

The Tesla Coil has certainly made an impression since arriving into the exhibition, possibly due to it being so loud! It is an iconic piece of electrical equipment and has an interesting story behind it. It may frighten people at first but it always draws in a crowd of intrigued observers.… Read more

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Nobody Expects the Science Inquisition

It isn’t always the case that all our explaining is limited to the confines of the exhibition. Sometimes you might find us springing some science on unsuspecting crowds a.k.a busking.

This brings its own challenges, namely that people don’t expect to be approached randomly with a science demonstration and as it’s normally at an event their attention might be elsewhere.… Read more

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‘It’s so cold that penguins live up there…’

This year the British Science Festival headed north to Aberdeen, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to be part of it.  Having been told by the taxi driver that ‘it’s so cold that penguins live up there’, I was shocked when I stepped off the train to meet glorious sunshine instead. … Read more

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