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You can explore how real science is done; carry out practical experiments using proper tools and materials and meet real-life working scientists in our Experiment Zone.

Experiment Zone at Home: Extracting DNA

Experiment Zone, Life Science Centre

Our Experiment Zone is all about experiencing what it’s like to be a laboratory scientist – being in a lab, using real chemicals and donning a white lab coat. But science often happens outside the lab too. It could be in a field, an office, or even at home! We’re going to run through one of our favourite experiments and tell you how to carry it out safely at home.Read more

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The Experiment Zone – Taking Shape

Two and a half years ago, I travelled to Newark with two colleagues to present an idea for an unusual new Science Centre facility to a funding panel. Along with the usual PowerPoint presentation, we took a practical activity to demonstrate what our new idea was all about. The panel mixed the ingredients we gave them and watched as the experiment took shape.… Read more

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