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Hear from some of the visiting scientists who come to Life.

OK to Ask

Going to the doctor’s can be a scary ordeal when you’re under five. Strange rooms, people in funny uniforms, and dare I mention… needles shudder. And often this fear carries over into adulthood (even if it’s just very mild dread).

Rigorous TestingThis is a bit of a shame really, because the NHS is full of wonderfully dedicated and friendly people.… Read more

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Inside the Mind of the Pre-schooler

Kids learn a lot at school. A LOT. But the amount they have to learn in first five years of their life is astonishing. From a helpless bundle of joy to a walking, talking, rampaging person mostly ready to face the world.

NBrain Artworkeedless to say, what happens to a child’s brain during this period is crucial, and science has made efforts to tease out the how, when and why.… Read more

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Train Like an Astronaut and Take Part in Real Human Spaceflight Research

This post is guest authored by Andrew Winnard.

Andrew WinnardAndrew Winnard is a trained physiotherapist with a passion for human spaceflight. He is currently undertaking PhD research in post spaceflight rehabilitation, exploring the medical issues associated with human spaceflight, and the countermeasures and rehabilitation techniques available to minimise the negative effects of microgravity exposure on human physiology.Read more

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In Search of the Elusive Toddler

Young children are fascinating. They’re messy, and noisy, and tiring, and icky, but fascinating. So much happens in the early stages of their lives. They grow a lot. They learn a lot. They change a lot. That’s why scientists want to know all about them. Over the Easter and half term holidays we’ve had a stream of scientists coming to Life to collect data and meet our visitors.… Read more

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