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The problem with paper

Ask the staff on our exhibition for how we could help improve our impact on the environment and you always get one answer: “argh, paper!” We give out programmes to visitors, we print out colouring in sheets, we print notes out for meetings, we put on activities that use paper.

The problem is that no one values a piece of paper.… Read more

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Recycle, recycle…

The story at Life Science Centre is one littered (literally) with recycling success stories. Cardboard boxes are great. You receive your parcel in one, then you take off the useful bits to make it into a cardboard dinosaur in the Making Space, then you throw what’s left into a crate in the loading bay.Read more

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Light, bright and environmentally right

Ever been to Life Science Centre on a warm summer’s day? The western half of the building acts very much like a greenhouse. There’s a good reason for that – the building was designed so that plants could be grown in that part of the building, under enormous flexible plastic skylights.Read more

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The mysterious night-time water thief

One day, Life’s Head of Property was looking at how much water the Science Centre uses, when he noticed something odd. Life was using dozens of litres of water overnight.

There’s hardly anybody here overnight, and they don’t drink that much coffee. Was there a leak? Was someone leaving the tap running?… Read more

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Seeing Life in a new light

Like any building this size with hundreds of people entering it every day, Life Science Centre gets through a lot of energy. One thing that all of our exhibitions, labs and other spaces need is light. Which means a key way to reduce our energy consumption is to make our lighting more efficient (or to do everything in the dark, but apparently that doesn’t make for a great visitor experience, or safety record).Read more

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Cheers to Louis Pasteur!

As you eat another helping of the never-ending turkey which seems destined to last all the twelve days of Christmas and pop the cork on yet another bottle of plonk, remember Louis Pasteur who was born on 27 December 1822. His work on fermentation, spoilage, decay and disease laid the foundations for our modern understanding of microbiology…

Prior to Pasteur, people had strange ideas about what caused the fermentation of wine and beer.… Read more

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ASTC Adventures

Linda Conlon Centre for LifeAs you may know, I’m chair of the Association of Science and Technology Centres (ASTC), which means that I have travelled around the world an awful lot this year!

I was privileged to address colleagues from around the world on 24 September, at the opening of ASTC’s annual conference in Tampa, Florida.… Read more

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The post-Brexit ‘new divide’ and the importance of engaging with migrants and refugees

Linda Conlon, CEO of International Centre for LifeLinda Conlon, chief executive of the International Centre for Life, has issued a rallying call to science centres across the world this weekend, warning them to engage with refugees and migrants – or risk rendering themselves obsolete. Linda, who is chair of the Association of Science and Technology Centres (ASTC), the international body that represents science centres globally, delivered the controversial address at the opening of their annual conference in Tampa, Florida on Saturday 24 September.Read more

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The Road to Dolly

This post has been guest authored by Lyle Armstrong, Professor of Cellular Reprogramming at the Institute of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, based at the Centre for Life.

Close-up image of Dolly.

Photo courtesy of The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh.

5 July 2016 is the 20th anniversary of a rather special sheep called Dolly.Read more

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The future for Science Centres

Linda Conlon, International Centre for Life

Linda Conlon, Chief Executive, International Centre for Life, Chair, ASTC

This week, I’m off to China to speak at the annual conference of the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres, ASPAC 2016.

The conference will take place at the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing from 17-20 May and will be attended by senior science centre representatives from across the Asia-Pacific region.… Read more

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