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Hear from Life’s Science Explainers and the Public Engagement Team as well as guest bloggers and visitors to Life.

Do fish get thirsty?

How was your half-term break?

Here at Life, we had thousands of visitors from all over the country. Throughout the week, we were challenged with lots of great questions by curious visitors! Why is the sky blue? Are teeth the same as bones? Where are the toilets?

Here are two questions that left me completely stumped.… Read more

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Pre-school Day: super furry animals

Pre-school Day at Life Science CentreThis post is guest written by Faye Curtis, Public Engagement Intern at Life.

An interesting mission as a new intern: design the next Pre-school Day activity!

I tried to approach it by thinking about the things that little people like most. One of the first things that came to mind was animals.… Read more

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60-second interview with… Andrew Smyth

Ahead of his upcoming live bakes at Maker Faire UK, Andrew answered some quick-fire questions about his engineering background and love of Maker events. Egg-timer at the ready!

1. You’re well known for baking, but can you please describe your day job?

As an aerospace engineer at Rolls-Royce in Derby, I help to develop the next generation of large jet engines.… Read more

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Building St. James’ Park – in LEGO®

This post was guest authored by Steve Mayes, a North Shields-based architectural photographer by trade and a LEGO® fanatic in his spare time. Steve’s LEGO® exhibition, North East LEGO® Landmarks, is at Life until 14 May 2017.

“What’s your starting point?” That’s the question I often get asked about my builds.
Read more

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Book review: The Darkest Dark by Astronaut Chris Hadfield

This post is guest written by Life’s Education Officer, Liz Ferguson, with the help of her two children.

Having met Chris Hadfield earlier this year on his visit to Life I was excited to find he has recently written a book for children. The Darkest Dark is a story about a little boy (Chris) who doesn’t like the dark and is afraid to go to bed.Read more

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ASTC Adventures

Linda Conlon Centre for LifeAs you may know, I’m chair of the Association of Science and Technology Centres (ASTC), which means that I have travelled around the world an awful lot this year!

I was privileged to address colleagues from around the world on 24 September, at the opening of ASTC’s annual conference in Tampa, Florida.… Read more

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60 second interview with… Thomas Thwaites: GoatMan

Goat14-Thomas_Thwaites-photo-Tim_BowditchWe recently spoke to Thomas Thwaites: GoatMan. You can hear more from Thomas at Friday Night Life on 18 November – find out why he ended up in an Alpine goat farm, on four legs, with a prosthetic stomach strapped to his chest, eating grass…

Describe your current role:

Freelance speculative designer.… Read more

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Bright Club: Reply All

matt-wood-bright-clubThis guest post has been written by Bright Club performer Matt Wood.

I had always loved the idea of doing stand up comedy. The trouble was I didn’t really think I had anything to say. Who really wants to listen to what a 24 year old has to say about life?… Read more

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60 second interview with… Tonja Grung: Taxidermist

Tonja GrungTaxidermist Tonja Grung, member of the British Academy of Taxidermy and owner of company Made from the Dead, comes to Life this month to hold three taxidermy workshops.

Describe your current role:

I am a self-employed artist in taxidermy. I teach group classes or individuals. As well as creating pieces for my shop in Brick Lane, London, I am also given regular commissions.… Read more

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The psychology of colour

What is your favourite colour? Perhaps more importantly, are there any colours you detest? The colours you like and dislike say a lot about you.

Red rose

My favourite colour is bright pillar box red. Red is supposed to be the most emotionally intense colour and a red environment is known to increase blood pressure, appetite and motor skills.… Read more

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