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Blog posts written by Life’s wonderful Science Explainers: a team of science graduates who help our visitors make the most of their time in the Science Centre.

They’re young, lots of fun and full of enthusiasm about science! From biologists to geologists and mathematicians, they all have different specialisms, but share a love of engaging others with all sorts of science.

When is a planet not a planet?

This post was guest authored by Life Science Explainer Claire Elstob. 

Out in the farthest reaches of our solar system lies a region known as the Kuiper Belt. This disc-shaped area of icy, dark objects lies out beyond Neptune, about 30 times further from the Sun than the Earth is. The small celestial bodies out there are thought to be remnants from when the solar system first formed and, as such, may tell us about our cosmic origins.Read more

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The Bear Hat

There are many areas in the Centre for Life which engage different ages. The
Mezz is for little people, those under 7-years-old.

Sometimes life for staff up on the Mezz can be extremely quiet with maybe only
a couple of children playing peacefully together in one corner around the doll’s
house.… Read more

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From shrinking violet to science centre stage

10 years ago, if anyone had told me that I would be presenting back to back live science theatre shows in front of audiences of over 80 people on stage then I would have eaten my socks. Believe it or not, but I used to be the most bashful human being alive with every school report mentioning how I was ridiculously shy and quiet.… Read more

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The Girl Who Wants to Be Me

It was Christmas Eve, a quiet day at the Centre with only a few families in, I suppose most were preparing for Santa Claus’s visit the following day. I had about a dozen people in my audience for my theatre show, ‘Rain or Shine’. In the show I need a volunteer to be a sun on stage and so I ask for a bit of help from the audience, help from someone who has a warm personality.… Read more

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Fire and Ice

Things at the Centre for Life were a bit different this half term. Usually we perform
by ourselves in the theatre in a one-man show. But Fire and Ice was special. An
awesome two-manned show out on gallery.

Fire and Ice Show - Life Science Centre

My partner was Chris, also a Science Explainer, and after two days intensive
training we created the show we wanted to perform which would capture both the
young and old(er) in our audience.… Read more

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Releasing stress and capturing beauty

Starting a new job can be intense. Learning the ropes, worrying that you are doing something wrong, finding your way around and trying to remember everyone’s name whilst still trying to carry a calm and professional composure can get on top of you.

I have recently started my job here at the Centre for Life as a Science Explainer and there can be some very demanding days with lots of visitors and school groups which can be exhausting.… Read more

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iPads, iPods and iCalculators

Children are well known to say unusual and often hilarious things which seemingly appear from no-where.  However I was shocked to find that whilst showing a class of reception children a giant calculator one of them confidently announced:

It’s an iPad!

I find it amazing how quick even young children pick up new technology.… Read more

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The good life

After three years as a Science Explainer you gain certain skills that aren’t useful anywhere else. Like making latex moulds of fossils, or creating a burglar alarm out of tinfoil and paper clips.

Fortunately not all the skills I’ve gained here are so specific. I’ve gained confidence, knowledge and most importantly the ability to answer off the wall questions.… Read more

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Finding Fantastic Fossils

When I was a little girl I used to love going to the beach looking for fossils, and my favourite spot was Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire. We would trek down the steep hill hoping that the tide was out, maybe stopping for an ice cream, before plundering the beach cracking open rocks and looking for fossils.… Read more

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A royal visitor

CIMG6513Behind the scenes, we have a menagerie of animals to help us teach topics ranging from animal adaptation to what it means to be alive. The most recent addition joined us a short while ago. – Meet Richard.

Richard is a beautiful Royal Python (Python regius) and we can definitely learn a lot from such an amazing animal. … Read more

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