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OK to Ask

Going to the doctor’s can be a scary ordeal when you’re under five. Strange rooms, people in funny uniforms, and dare I mention… needles shudder. And often this fear carries over into adulthood (even if it’s just very mild dread).

Rigorous TestingThis is a bit of a shame really, because the NHS is full of wonderfully dedicated and friendly people.… Read more

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Proud to be British

Jubilee weekend is nearly upon us and a perfect time to celebrate being British.  Whether this involves decorating your whole street in bunting or just getting a bit merry with friends, we all like a reason to celebrate. So why not celebrate British science while we are at it?

Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawkings, Charles Darwin, David Attenbrough; these are the big names and the celebrities in the science world, but what about those who aren’t so well known?… Read more

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Happy Easter

I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break. It is a great time to do all those spring things like eating too many chocolate eggs and watching lambs gambolling in the fields. It was also a good opportunity to get all of the garden toys out from the back of the shed and dust them off before they took over my small lawn once again.… Read more

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