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My Mum just called to let me know I’m in charge of entertaining the family once they’re all stuffed full of turkey on Christmas Day. There’s always charades, and my favourite, Trivial Pursuit (genus edition circa 1985). However, the fact I work here at Life raises expectations – and I wouldn’t want to disappoint – so I’ve got a whole host of seasonal science tricks and merry maths puzzles lined up, and I thought I’d share one with you.

You will need: scissors and an old Christmas card

You will need:

  • An old Christmas card
  • Scissors
  • Friends or family to entertain


  1. Challenge your friends to climb inside the Christmas card together… then have a giggle as you sit back and enjoy the spectacle! When you’ve had your fun show them the solution.
  2. Make sure your card is folded shut, starting at the open side cut 1cm from the left edge, along the card until you are 1cm from the folded edge.Cutting the Christmas card
  3. Make the same cut every 1cm along the card.Cutting the Christmas card
  4. Then turn the card around and make cuts starting at the folded edge and stopping 1cm from the open edge. Do the same all the way along the card.Cutting the Christmas card
  5. Now open up the card, and cut along the fold, but NOT the strips on each end.Cutting the Christmas card
  6. Your card should now open up into a huge loop which you can fit your whole family inside!Stepping through the Christmas card
  7. Take a bow!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Santa at Life Science CentreAt Life we have the perfect festive day out for your family down to a science!

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