Pre-school Day: Autumn

The nights draw in and the air takes on a chill, and leaves crunch beneath your feet on the pavement. Autumn has definitely arrived.

But autumn is beautiful, in all its many colours. The greens fade, the reds appear, and the oranges and yellows shine through.

Most leaves are normally green due to chlorophyll, which is a chemical needed for the plant to make its own food using energy from sunlight. In trees that lose their leaves, they stop making chlorophyll in autumn. The red chemicals, anthocyanins, are produced at the same time, and oranges and yellows are made by leftover chemicals in the leaves.

This Pre-school Day, I hope to capture the glory of autumn by making an unusual forest, where each leaf is a hand print. So come along, get messy and add your own unique leaf to the trees.

Pre-school Day is on Tuesday 17 October 2017, activities run from 9.30am – 3.00pm.

About Naomi Foster

I'm a Public Engagement Officer. My job involves developing science shows and public workshops, organising lectures for big people and our preschool days for little people. Any excuse to play! I'll be keeping you posted about some of the things I've got coming up.
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