Pre-school day: everybody walk the dinosaur

This post is guest written by Medhavi Kakkar, Public Engagement Intern at Life.

Dino Jaws at Life Science CentreImagine a dinosaur, any dinosaur. Yes, even Barney the dinosaur. Does the one you’ve imagined have a long tail?

Have you ever wondered what these tails were used for? Were they used for grasping objects like monkey tails? Were they used to swat away flies like wildebeest tails? Were they used as skipping ropes for when they got bored? Many of you are probably thinking that they were used as a counterbalance. But it might not be as simple as that.

Since there were many different types of dinosaur, and therefore many different types of dinosaur tail, there are understandably many theories for how these tails were used.

While some dinosaurs are thought to have used their tails to counterbalance their huge, heavy heads or long necks, other species, such as T. rex, may have used their large tail muscles for helping them to run faster. Tails could also have been useful in providing certain dinosaurs stability when moving, like the Jurassic Park velociraptors. Sauropod dinosaurs, such as Apatosaurus, may have whipped their extremely long tails Indiana Jones-style, possibly for defence. The possibilities are endless!

Why not encourage your little one to imagine and act out how they think a dinosaur would have behaved. Would their dinosaur crouch? Walk on all fours? Fly? Will it roar? Quack? Moo? This would be a perfect activity to get anyone excited for this Pre-School Day, where we’re going to be making our own wearable dinosaur tails. You and your child will no longer have to pretend that you are dinosaurs, because you’ll actually BE dinosaurs!

Come along and play this Pre-School Day! Tuesday 26 September, 9.30am – 3.00pm.

Pre-school day at Life Science Centre

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