Pre-school Day: Fossils

Old, worn, ammonite fossil on a rock, Lyme RegisWhat’s the oldest thing you’ve ever touched?

Maybe you didn’t realise what it was. The stones in buildings or pebbles on beaches can be millions of years old. In some types of rocks you find fossils, which are impressions of things that were alive long ago.

You can go fossil spotting yourself on the beach, in places like Seaton Sluice, near Whitley Bay. You never know what you’ll find – you might be lucky enough to spot a fossil of a dinosaur bone! Less rare, but no less beautiful, are fossils from different creatures that were alive at the same time as (or even before) the dinosaurs, like ammonites. Many fossil-hunters have found an ammonite, which looks like a spiral shell. There are also trilobites, which look like giant woodlice wearing helmets! Sometimes you can take fossils home, but on some beaches you are asked to leave them for others to look at later.

Here at Life Science Centre we’ll soon be saying goodbye to the dinosaurs from our Dino Jaws exhibition. To celebrate our prehistoric friends, we’ll be having a mini fossil dig at our next pre-school day. Come and have a rummage and see what you can find.

Pre-school day is on Tuesday 20 March 2018. Activities run from 9.30am until 3.00pm. 

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Child holding a snail

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