Recycle, recycle…

The story at Life Science Centre is one littered (literally) with recycling success stories. Cardboard boxes are great. You receive your parcel in one, then you take off the useful bits to make it into a cardboard dinosaur in the Making Space, then you throw what’s left into a crate in the loading bay. You come back a few hours later and all the cardboard boxes have been flattened, squished and tied up into bales ready to be taken away. At the other end they get mashed up and turned into new things. I like to think there’s occasionally a stray googly eye still peeping out…

For years we’ve had bins in our cafés for paper, plastic and cans, but too often we end up with items in the wrong bins. The answer, it seems, is that we need to feed our recycling to a creature; if your bins are transparent, so people can see what is in them easily, and they have the faces of tigers and elephants that eat your rubbish, then people (yes grown-ups, I’m looking at you!) are much better at getting the right things in the right bins. Om nom nom.

Probably my favourite recycling on-site, though, is the oil. If you eat chips in our café, the oil they were cooked in ends up in a big blue barrel in the loading bay. (I found this out when I needed to change the oil in a fishbowl we were using to create a lava lamp effect, obviously.) When the barrel is full, it gets collected, filtered and turned into biodiesel. So the oil from your chips could end up fueling your car!

Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues are working together on the first Green Week, from Monday 11 – Sunday 17 September 2017. The week aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, and will focus on five main areas: paper, water, food waste, energy and travel.

Find out more about NGCV Green Week >

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