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Christmas card challenge

My Mum just called to let me know I’m in charge of entertaining the family once they’re all stuffed full of turkey on Christmas Day. There’s always charades, and my favourite, Trivial Pursuit (genus edition circa 1985). However, the fact I work here at Life raises expectations – and I wouldn’t want to disappoint – so I’ve got a whole host of seasonal science tricks and merry maths puzzles lined up, and I thought I’d share one with you.Read more

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A demo, delivered.

If you happen to have a plasma globe and a fluorescent lightbulb to hand there’s a beautiful and surprising demonstration where you hold the bulb at one end, move the other end towards the globe and the bulb lights up. It’s like having a light sabre in your hand. It’s amazing, but something always niggled with me.… Read more

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The curious skull of the Parasaurolophus

The Natural History Museum’s dinosaurs are here and we’re busy with dino fans young and old. Alongside the exhibition our theatre show eplores what we know about dinosaurs and how we know what we (think we) know about dinosaurs.

Researching the show was a good opportunity to delve into some dinosaur facts.… Read more

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In the Dark

Our latest theatre show exploring curious properties of light and colour takes place ‘In the Dark.’
The show is set to music and our explainers keep their explanations to a minimum during the performance, though the audience are encouraged to discuss their theories in hushed voices with the people next to them.… Read more

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