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Visiting Life this October half-term?

We are anticipating a busy October half-term, with lots of families visiting the Dino Jaws exhibition, so we’ve put together some useful info for anyone planning a visit.

While we do everything we can to keep things moving, please be prepared to queue for certain activities and on arrival.

Before you arrive. Read more

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Pre-school day: everybody walk the dinosaur

This post is guest written by Medhavi Kakkar, Public Engagement Intern at Life.

Dino Jaws at Life Science CentreImagine a dinosaur, any dinosaur. Yes, even Barney the dinosaur. Does the one you’ve imagined have a long tail?

Have you ever wondered what these tails were used for? Were they used for grasping objects like monkey tails?… Read more

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What Came First, the Chickenosaurus or the Egg?

Imagine if dinosaurs walked among us. What if you could touch them, see them on the other side of an enclosure? What if…

Well you can. Chickens.

Having recently seen the superb Jurassic World I did a bit of digging into the science behind it all and it turns out chickens are dinosaurs.… Read more

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The Irritator

What’s your favourite dinosaur? This was a question I was unprepared for when a child asked me recently. But now I am ready if I am asked again. I shall declare proudly that my favourite dinosaur is the Irritator. Yes, it is a real dinosaur (Irritator  challengeri ) and there is a story behind its discovery that sheds light on its unusual name.… Read more

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