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Pre-school Day: Fossils

Old, worn, ammonite fossil on a rock, Lyme RegisWhat’s the oldest thing you’ve ever touched?

Maybe you didn’t realise what it was. The stones in buildings or pebbles on beaches can be millions of years old. In some types of rocks you find fossils, which are impressions of things that were alive long ago.

You can go fossil spotting yourself on the beach, in places like Seaton Sluice, near Whitley Bay.… Read more

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Fossiliferous fun

Our Science Club members had a blast on their summer field trip to Whitby hunting for fossils. Don’t worry if you missed out on all the fun, here’s our handy guide to fossil hunting. 

Planning: Choose a site. This fossil hunting website tells you where to hunt and gives you tips on what you might find there.… Read more

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The Irritator

What’s your favourite dinosaur? This was a question I was unprepared for when a child asked me recently. But now I am ready if I am asked again. I shall declare proudly that my favourite dinosaur is the Irritator. Yes, it is a real dinosaur (Irritator  challengeri ) and there is a story behind its discovery that sheds light on its unusual name.… Read more

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