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Seeing Life in a new light

Like any building this size with hundreds of people entering it every day, Life Science Centre gets through a lot of energy. One thing that all of our exhibitions, labs and other spaces need is light. Which means a key way to reduce our energy consumption is to make our lighting more efficient (or to do everything in the dark, but apparently that doesn’t make for a great visitor experience, or safety record).Read more

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Pre-school Day: light and dark

Sometimes we have profound reasons for our choices of pre-school day activities. Sometimes we choose things mainly for convenience. Sometimes we are inspired by what’s in front of us, or something we’ve heard about recently.

This pre-school day, my decision is no more profound than what popped into my head as I walked around the LEGO® exhibition.… Read more

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Make and Take: Animal Lights

This make and take activity provided another opportunity to experiment with creating electric circuits. Visitors to the Making Space made many different types of creatures that lit up when you pressed their noses!

Animal Lights

To make your own animal light at home you will need:

Animal Lights

  • A plastic bottle (500ml bottles work best.
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In the Dark

Our latest theatre show exploring curious properties of light and colour takes place ‘In the Dark.’
The show is set to music and our explainers keep their explanations to a minimum during the performance, though the audience are encouraged to discuss their theories in hushed voices with the people next to them.… Read more

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